Shut the front door!

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Welcome to my home!

I can’t claim any ownership to this idea, but that doesn’t mean I am not out of my mind on how cute this is. I saw this on Pinterest. It’s just a decal.

But it says so much.

I ordered from Etsy, the shop is Create it. Go. It was under 8 bucks and I can’t stop giggling over how stinking cute it is.

So, I wiped my door down, peeled the sheet and stuck it on.

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Here is my sad, unfriendly door.

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And here is my happy, friendly door!


#CuteHouseTip: Not all thrift stores are thrifty

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This is my parrot friend from my favorite thrift store, the Stars Resale Shop in downtown Wheaton.

I have to get something off my chest. I get super offended when I go to a thrift store and the prices are anything but thrifty.

Now, I know there are different types of stores. A consignment shop takes gently used trendy clothes and sells them at a nice, but not deeply discounted price. If a piece is sold within a certain time period, the original owner usually gets a portion of the sale. I get that.

And there are both resale and thrift stores that take donations and may or may not give most of the proceeds to a specified non-profit or charity. I get that too.

What I don’t get is when thrift and resale shops get greedy and charge ridiculous prices for junk. And let’s be real, this isn’t retail.

I see it often with vintage items.

Just because a coat is vintage and has a nice shape, that doesn’t mean you should charge 99$ for it. Your customers know better.

Or when you try to sell ugly frames for 10 bucks. We aren’t stupid. I can go to the dollar store and paint cheap frames that look better.

I don’t know why these stores do this. If they adjusted their prices to realistically reflect the stuff they are selling, they would sell more.


But on the flip side, some thrift stores are priced so deliciously perfect that when you discover them you want to cry out in joy.

I’m grateful to have one of those in my neighborhood.

Awesome pressed flower wall hangings, 1 dollar, yes, please.

Retro serving trays, 2 bucks each, thank you.

Giant frames filled with art I might actually keep for under five bucks, oh sing it sister.

And a paper mache parrot sitting on a perch for 12 bucks. Fuck yes.

Thank you Stars Resale Shop. Keep up the good work.


This is my favorite thrift store, the Stars Resale shop in Wheaton. They do everything right!

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