Shut the front door!

photo (71)

Welcome to my home!

I can’t claim any ownership to this idea, but that doesn’t mean I am not out of my mind on how cute this is. I saw this on Pinterest. It’s just a decal.

But it says so much.

I ordered from Etsy, the shop is Create it. Go. It was under 8 bucks and I can’t stop giggling over how stinking cute it is.

So, I wiped my door down, peeled the sheet and stuck it on.

photo (72)

Here is my sad, unfriendly door.

photo (73)

And here is my happy, friendly door!


#CraftyFlash: Frame a quick print


My girl, Judy! I love to get things framed quick.


This dollar store frame had lovely corners!

I know I’ve said this before, but I am a cheap frame junkie. And one of the best places for cheap frames is the Dollar Store. If I see a cute frame, even though I might not have a photo for it, I still buy it. Here is an example of one of my favorite finds. It is glass with cute little corner tabs that look vintage-y.

photo (45)

Isn’t she cute among my other pictures?

So I had this autographed postcard of Judy in my hope chest. I had cut out some flowers from magazines and taped a border around it. I came across this lovely picture the other day and I just had to display it. I grabbed my cute, vintage-y frame and up it went.

#CraftyFlash: A flower for you


This was my super fast flower.

Here’s a quick craft I did with the unused flowers from my wreath. Martha Stewart uses everything and so do I. I took a leftover flower and spray painted it. I wanted to put a bead in the middle, but I gave the hot glue gun back to my mother-in-law and both the Elmer’s and super glue wouldn’t bond.

So I took a penny and used that instead. A dot of super glue on each side did the job. Finished with a little ribbon. Done in a flash.


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