Shut the front door!

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Welcome to my home!

I can’t claim any ownership to this idea, but that doesn’t mean I am not out of my mind on how cute this is. I saw this on Pinterest. It’s just a decal.

But it says so much.

I ordered from Etsy, the shop is Create it. Go. It was under 8 bucks and I can’t stop giggling over how stinking cute it is.

So, I wiped my door down, peeled the sheet and stuck it on.

photo (72)

Here is my sad, unfriendly door.

photo (73)

And here is my happy, friendly door!


More cheap ways to frame


My finished framed picture. I took this while I was at a sauna in Finlands. I love the Finns. So friendly.

Empty walls are wasted space. But framing images can cost a lot of money. Here’s another low-cost framing solution that I think works great. I found these wood frames in the garbage. Rather on the curb, in a box, waiting for the garbage man.


This is the box top in the frame.

DSC_0012Now these frames didn’t have glass and I’ve decided, who needs it?

I’ve framed a lot of things without glass and it actually makes it easier to find a frame and when you put your picture and frame together, there’s no dog or cat hair to get underneath the glass.

With this project, I had an 8 x 10 picture and an 11 x 17 frame. Instead of cutting a mat board and fitting the picture under it, I opted to put a piece of cardboard and taped my photo on top of it.

I used a box top from a leftover Banana Republic box. Cut it to size, slid it in an then taped the picture on the front.

Done and done.

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