Shut the front door!

photo (71)

Welcome to my home!

I can’t claim any ownership to this idea, but that doesn’t mean I am not out of my mind on how cute this is. I saw this on Pinterest. It’s just a decal.

But it says so much.

I ordered from Etsy, the shop is Create it. Go. It was under 8 bucks and I can’t stop giggling over how stinking cute it is.

So, I wiped my door down, peeled the sheet and stuck it on.

photo (72)

Here is my sad, unfriendly door.

photo (73)

And here is my happy, friendly door!


The details are in the decals

photo (31)

Two of the spots I sprinkled my birdies at.

photo (33)

I put two birdies resting on my sign.


This was my first attempt at decals. I wasn’t happy with this, so I decided to spread my birds all over the house.

I had been wanting to try decals for awhile, but they scare me. It seems you can only use them once, so if you mess up placement, you are screwed.

So when I came across these birdie and branch decals and the company said that they are reusable, I decided to try them.

I saw them on They are made by

And boy, that’s exactly what my walls need.

I first arranged them in a cute birdie scene above my picture window. But it felt forced and awkward. After living with them for a few days I decided to integrate them around my house. I sprinkled a few here, a few there.

It looks so much better and guess what? They peeled right off and I was able to reuse them, no problem. I think I might play around with more decals, they are easier and less messy than a stencil.

photo (30)

Here’s another birdie scene I created.

photo (32)

This is my favorite birdie scene! They look so cute flying around my plant.

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