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Happy New Year!

So it has been a long time since I posted. ┬áMy other business, the communications agency I run with my father-in-law and husband, has been bustling leaving me with little time to post. I’m super grateful for that! Not for not posting, but for being busy.

But I’m back on the wagon and my new MO is to keep my posts simple. That was the whole point of this when I started…

So, here’s something super easy and super cute.


I heart decals.

I bought these on for I think 10 dollars.

I want to do a different decal on each of my bedroom doors.

So cuuuuuute!!

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#CuteFind: What a crock!


Thrifting is one of the most amazing way to find thoughtful gifts, if you have patience.


Here is the inside of this special gem.

Here is a charming #CuteFind submitted by one of my fabulous readers, Mary!

It is a soft pink crockpot, complete with a cute spoon. And the best part? She picked up this perfect little pot for 2 bucks!

Thanks for sharing, Mary!

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#CuteFind: A better butter…dish

photo (62)

I love this butter dish!

I was up early last Saturday picking up some plants from a fella on, when I passed a yard sale. It wasn’t set to open for another hour or so and the people were still setting up. But that never stops me.

And what a haul I came back with. I found a birdbath, three plant stands, two lawn chairs and this beautiful vintage butter dish. My total was $16 bucks and my butter dish was only $1.

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