Gallery walls are not just for museums


This is the wall in my bathroom. The images are a collection of pictures and knick knack from my travels.


I have to talk about walls again. My favorite way to decorate is to hang things on the wall. Pictures, knick knacks, hooks, planters, whatever.

If there is wall space I will find an object to fill it.

There’s no need to be nervous about putting holes in your wall. You can always patch them later.

Don’t be scared about how to hang stuff. Just get a nail and hammer and hang it.

And don’t worry about properly framing things. Traditional framing is EXPENSIVE even with a 50% off coupon from Michael’s.

So let goooo of the idea that things must be framed. That is the quickest way to not to get anything up.

Think about mounting your image on foam board instead. Mounting gives your photo or art a professional finish without trapping it in a frame, and it is wayyyy cheaper.

I have a great local art shop by me that will mount anything, and even include a little hanger on the back for peanuts.

Or just grab some masking tape and stick it to the wall. It will look really cute, I promise.

So grab that hammer,  go make some holes and display all of your cute things!



A cute house addition!


Hi, I’m Penny.


photo copy 13

Trixie and Penny the puppy.

Sometimes the things that make a house cute, aren’t things at all.

Meet our new puppy, Penny! She joins big sister, Trixie and cat cousins, Bootsie and Ralph.

We adopted her from the Chicagoland Lab Rescue. She was found on the side of the road. Who would abandon such a cutie?

Who would get rid of these?

Here’s a great thrift store find. Two wooden orange mounted peacocks. I paid $1.99 for each. Who would get rid of these????

I want to see all of your cute finds. Let’s connect on twitter: @evassolo


Baby you’re a star



This is one of my favorite finds for sure! I was inspired after I went to the Christkindlmarket in Chicago this past Christmas. There was a booth of these magical hanging paper stars. But the price tag was hefty! They wanted like $40 bucks for the star and more for the cord.

I checked out and found my star for a more affordable price. And it is beautiful.

In fact, I’m having a hard time resisting the urge to buy a dozen more and turn my ceiling into a my very own night sky.

They don’t look like much when they aren’t lit, but when they are… so pretty.


Be proud of your pouch


Super cute pouches to hold your root vegetables and other cool things.

This super cute craft comes from my fabulous friend Gabrielle. She lives in Finland and doesn’t have a lot of space in her kitchen. To help maximize her storage and make use of an already mounted towel rack, she fastened a couple of cute pouches from recycled material.

She cut up a pair of  jeans for shorts and then used the legs as a base. She wanted to make sure the contents could breathe, so she closed up the bottoms in such a way that it would  be shallow enough for airflow.

She made this with her sewing machine, but it’s easy enough to stitch by hand. Add a couple of ties and hang away.

Thanks, Gabby!

Bathing is for the birds

photo (57)

I spray painted this 5$ bird bath I found at a yard sale.

photo (60)

Here is my rusted out bird bath before it got the Ding Ding treatment.

I had a hell of a haul last Saturday. The best buy was this 5$ bird bath.  I’m on a mission to have my house become the destination for all the popular birds in the neighborhood. So when I saw the beat up bird bath, I knew I had to have it. This literally took me about 20 minutes to do and most of that time was waiting for the paint to dry.

I bought some gold and blue spray paint, took a brush to scrape off the rusted metal. Then I unscrewed the bird, sprayed that blue and then sprayed the rest gold.

I let it dry and then moved it to the backyard. Tweet and done!

#CuteFind: We’re all nuts here

photo (47)

The cutest squirrel I’ve ever seen.

I had to make a quick run to the Goodwill yesterday. I needed some khaki shorts for my new part-time, summer gig as a tram driver/tour guide for the Morton Arboretum.

I always do a quick scan in the home goods section. And this is what I found. The cutest, playfullest, little ceramic squirrel. She was a little pricier than I would have like, topping in at 4.99$, but I still couldn’t resist.

photo (48)

Her new home.

And now she’s found her home among my other woodland creature, the very rare, green Siamese cat. Who carefully guards my wine collection.

If you have a #CuteFind, share it with me on the twitter machine, @whatacutehouse. I would love to feature it here.

#CraftyFlash: Frame a quick print


My girl, Judy! I love to get things framed quick.


This dollar store frame had lovely corners!

I know I’ve said this before, but I am a cheap frame junkie. And one of the best places for cheap frames is the Dollar Store. If I see a cute frame, even though I might not have a photo for it, I still buy it. Here is an example of one of my favorite finds. It is glass with cute little corner tabs that look vintage-y.

photo (45)

Isn’t she cute among my other pictures?

So I had this autographed postcard of Judy in my hope chest. I had cut out some flowers from magazines and taped a border around it. I came across this lovely picture the other day and I just had to display it. I grabbed my cute, vintage-y frame and up it went.

The details are in the decals

photo (31)

Two of the spots I sprinkled my birdies at.

photo (33)

I put two birdies resting on my sign.


This was my first attempt at decals. I wasn’t happy with this, so I decided to spread my birds all over the house.

I had been wanting to try decals for awhile, but they scare me. It seems you can only use them once, so if you mess up placement, you are screwed.

So when I came across these birdie and branch decals and the company said that they are reusable, I decided to try them.

I saw them on They are made by

And boy, that’s exactly what my walls need.

I first arranged them in a cute birdie scene above my picture window. But it felt forced and awkward. After living with them for a few days I decided to integrate them around my house. I sprinkled a few here, a few there.

It looks so much better and guess what? They peeled right off and I was able to reuse them, no problem. I think I might play around with more decals, they are easier and less messy than a stencil.

photo (30)

Here’s another birdie scene I created.

photo (32)

This is my favorite birdie scene! They look so cute flying around my plant.

Write-on Walls!

photo (30)

My finished write-in wall, art courtesy of my super talented 9-year-old nephew, Vince.

I love chalkboard walls. The idea of writing on walls and not getting into trouble speaks to me on so many levels. And I tend to ruin stuff, so if I can build in an element of erasing, I totally dig it.


I outlined the area to paint with tape.

I spent a total of 3$ for this project. I got the paint for free by putting out a request on I love freecycle, but make sure you ask questions before you pick stuff up. People have generous intentions, I truly believe that, but sometimes the stuff you request ends up being real junk.

But not this time, the paint was perfect and the pick-up was less than 5 miles away.

So I took a frame I picked up at my favorite thrift store (Stars Resale in downtown Wheaton, Il. ) I think the frame was originally 6$, but it was half off pink sticker month and I got it for 3$.

I hung it where I wanted, outlined the area to paint. Slapped on two coats, hung the frame. And done.


The finished product!

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