Museum worthy pictures

photo (79)

I took this picture and then had it printed on canvas and stretched. It looks like a painting!

When it comes to my home, I have a few obsessions. I am obsessed with pin-up girls, plants and finding and framing things for my walls. My latest craze is having my photos printed on canvas and then stretched over wood.

It is cheaper than framing and the pictures are practically transformed into paintings. It tickles me with how good it looks.

I tried two different ways. First, I had my mom and pop photo shop print a picture 18×27. Then I took it to my local frame and had them do their museum magic to it. All in, it cost about $90 bucks.

photo (77)

This was the photo printed and stretched by my local shops.

Then my friend Mary told me about an Amazon deal from that would get me a smaller print on canvas and stretched, 16×20, for $35.

photo (79)

This is the one I paid 35 bucks for.

Both of them are equally beautiful, and I felt good patronizing my local stores and saving money with a coupon. I guess the moral of the story is not so much where to shop, although local is always better, but this is another beautiful to display your awesome photos.


Hung with love: Taking advantage of a wall-sized canvas

photo (55)

Don’t be afraid of hanging stuff on your walls.

photo (56)

I love to move pictures and bric-a-brac around to make space for new pieces.

I love to hang pictures on my walls. I see a blank wall as an opportunity to express myself and maybe even inspire others. This is my powder room. What started as hanging a few, inexpensively framed pictures has turned into a wall-size collage that I keep adding too. It is a combination of framed and taped pictures, vintage store finds (I’m a huge fan of pictures and pressings of flowers and butterflies) and other fun bric-a-brac.

Sometimes when I add new pieces, I have to shuffle older pieces around. But that is part of the fun. So find your favorite images and make the leap. You will be surprised what a lively wall can do for your spirit.

Write-on Walls!

photo (30)

My finished write-in wall, art courtesy of my super talented 9-year-old nephew, Vince.

I love chalkboard walls. The idea of writing on walls and not getting into trouble speaks to me on so many levels. And I tend to ruin stuff, so if I can build in an element of erasing, I totally dig it.


I outlined the area to paint with tape.

I spent a total of 3$ for this project. I got the paint for free by putting out a request on I love freecycle, but make sure you ask questions before you pick stuff up. People have generous intentions, I truly believe that, but sometimes the stuff you request ends up being real junk.

But not this time, the paint was perfect and the pick-up was less than 5 miles away.

So I took a frame I picked up at my favorite thrift store (Stars Resale in downtown Wheaton, Il. ) I think the frame was originally 6$, but it was half off pink sticker month and I got it for 3$.

I hung it where I wanted, outlined the area to paint. Slapped on two coats, hung the frame. And done.


The finished product!

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