#CuteFind: What a crock!


Thrifting is one of the most amazing way to find thoughtful gifts, if you have patience.


Here is the inside of this special gem.

Here is a charming #CuteFind submitted by one of my fabulous readers, Mary!

It is a soft pink crockpot, complete with a cute spoon. And the best part? She picked up this perfect little pot for 2 bucks!

Thanks for sharing, Mary!

If you have a #CuteFind, drop me a line on the Twitter machine (@whatacutehouse) or shoot me an email, evassolo@gmail.com.


Sitting pretty in pink!

photo (67)

I found these chairs for 2 bucks each. After 2 cans of spray paint they were transformed.

I love the transformative power of meditation, yoga and spray paint. You always feel better after you do it.

photo (58)

Chairs before spray paint.

Case and point, these two chairs I bought from a yard sale a few weeks ago. They were 2 bucks each and brown and ugly and we needed something to sit on.

Two cans of spray paint later and these chairs are pretty in pink.

#CuteHouseTip: If you plant it, it will grow. I swear.

photo (68)

Plant the base of your leftover romaine lettuce and watch it grow!

This is the first year of my garden. I’m learning a lot, especially how food actually grows. It’s fascinating.

But that one thing that blew my mind-  if you plant the stump from Romaine lettuce, it will grow back and fast.

The growth in the above photo was about a week’s worth. I love nature!

#CraftyFlash: Spray for space

photo (65)

Spray paint is the quickest way to upcycle anything.

photo (66)

This is the “before” shelf. The silver is cool, but it didn’t work for my purposes.

I found this little shelf for 3 bucks at my favorite thrift store. It was silver. While I didn’t hate the silver, I wanted this for my bathroom and it didn’t quite go.

So a few minutes with a can of spray paint and the area around my sink just opened up.

Be proud of your pouch


Super cute pouches to hold your root vegetables and other cool things.

This super cute craft comes from my fabulous friend Gabrielle. She lives in Finland and doesn’t have a lot of space in her kitchen. To help maximize her storage and make use of an already mounted towel rack, she fastened a couple of cute pouches from recycled material.

She cut up a pair of  jeans for shorts and then used the legs as a base. She wanted to make sure the contents could breathe, so she closed up the bottoms in such a way that it would  be shallow enough for airflow.

She made this with her sewing machine, but it’s easy enough to stitch by hand. Add a couple of ties and hang away.

Thanks, Gabby!

#CuteHouseTip: Paint brushes and Prosecco

photo (64)

Mine paint brushes snuggled next to my Prosecco.

I’ve tackled what is turning into a mountain of a painting project. I am switching my guest room and office. I want to make a real office where I can work, keep files and store all the paper that constantly clutters my dining room table.

So I decided to do three walls in teal and one in a light, light blue. My walls are plaster so it takes lots of paint, lots of coats and lots of time. So after each session, instead of cleaning all the brushes and rollers, I just wrap them up in plastic and put them in the fridge.

They stay moist and ready to go for next time.

Bathing is for the birds

photo (57)

I spray painted this 5$ bird bath I found at a yard sale.

photo (60)

Here is my rusted out bird bath before it got the Ding Ding treatment.

I had a hell of a haul last Saturday. The best buy was this 5$ bird bath.  I’m on a mission to have my house become the destination for all the popular birds in the neighborhood. So when I saw the beat up bird bath, I knew I had to have it. This literally took me about 20 minutes to do and most of that time was waiting for the paint to dry.

I bought some gold and blue spray paint, took a brush to scrape off the rusted metal. Then I unscrewed the bird, sprayed that blue and then sprayed the rest gold.

I let it dry and then moved it to the backyard. Tweet and done!

#CuteFind: A better butter…dish

photo (62)

I love this butter dish!

I was up early last Saturday picking up some plants from a fella on freecycle.org, when I passed a yard sale. It wasn’t set to open for another hour or so and the people were still setting up. But that never stops me.

And what a haul I came back with. I found a birdbath, three plant stands, two lawn chairs and this beautiful vintage butter dish. My total was $16 bucks and my butter dish was only $1.

If you have a #CuteFind, share it with me on the twitter machine, @whatacutehouse. I would love to feature it here.

Hung with love: Taking advantage of a wall-sized canvas

photo (55)

Don’t be afraid of hanging stuff on your walls.

photo (56)

I love to move pictures and bric-a-brac around to make space for new pieces.

I love to hang pictures on my walls. I see a blank wall as an opportunity to express myself and maybe even inspire others. This is my powder room. What started as hanging a few, inexpensively framed pictures has turned into a wall-size collage that I keep adding too. It is a combination of framed and taped pictures, vintage store finds (I’m a huge fan of pictures and pressings of flowers and butterflies) and other fun bric-a-brac.

Sometimes when I add new pieces, I have to shuffle older pieces around. But that is part of the fun. So find your favorite images and make the leap. You will be surprised what a lively wall can do for your spirit.

#CuteHouseTip: Pain-free plants

photo (52)

Create a collection of plant life.

A quick way to perk up a room is to add plants. Plants bring a fun punch of color and help clean the air. Now if you are thinking, “I’m nothing but a brown thumb,” don’t worry. There are a few plants that are just about impossible to kill. In fact, they do better if you just leave them alone.

I love the pothos. It grows like a weed, handles a variety of light conditions and tells you when it needs water. If the leaves look droopy, give it a drink. It is also easy to take clippings and make new plants.

photo (51)

I bought this hens and chicks pot from the local French market. I love how it looks like little flowers.

I also love a succulent like aloe or a hens and chicks (hens and chicks are small, succulents that look like roses and they shoot off sprouts or chicks). Give it a sunny home and a little water, and it will be happy forever. And by little water, I mean a tiny sip once a month. Succulents often meet their end by drowning. In fact, during the winter, don’t water them at all.

For room impact, group your plants together. Vary the stand sizes and see how easy it is to look like a green goddess.

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