More cheap ways to frame


My finished framed picture. I took this while I was at a sauna in Finlands. I love the Finns. So friendly.

Empty walls are wasted space. But framing images can cost a lot of money. Here’s another low-cost framing solution that I think works great. I found these wood frames in the garbage. Rather on the curb, in a box, waiting for the garbage man.


This is the box top in the frame.

DSC_0012Now these frames didn’t have glass and I’ve decided, who needs it?

I’ve framed a lot of things without glass and it actually makes it easier to find a frame and when you put your picture and frame together, there’s no dog or cat hair to get underneath the glass.

With this project, I had an 8 x 10 picture and an 11 x 17 frame. Instead of cutting a mat board and fitting the picture under it, I opted to put a piece of cardboard and taped my photo on top of it.

I used a box top from a leftover Banana Republic box. Cut it to size, slid it in an then taped the picture on the front.

Done and done.


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