Framed: Alternative theories Part 2


Here is another framing project. I got this awesome poster online from a cheap poster place. I think it cost me like 7 bucks. I loved her for my bathroom, but I wanted to give her a frame so she looked polished. I found this frame from the thrift store. It was a yellow tag special, making it 50% off.

I paid three dollars for it.

At first, I thought I would paint it, but then the faded pink kind of grew on me. ┬áThe one thing I did need was a mat. Off to Hobby Lobby I went and for 19 bucks I got a perfectly cut piece. I thought about trying my hand at mat cutting, but all that math… ugh, it makes my head spin.

DSC_0019I had a bit of a snag with this project. As I was assembling the print and mat in the frame, the glass broke. I could have marched back to Hobby Lobby and had them cut me a piece of glass, but I said f#$K it.

And now it is hung, sans glass, welcoming all my guests into the bathroom. Pretty easy project, for really little money.


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