Pick your seat, not your nose

My finished recovered, kitty favorite stool.

I went a little chair crazy…. I bought this awesome counter height dining table and had this great vision of finding mismatch chairs to create this effortless shabby chic look that shows what a carefree, naturally stylish person I am. I should have known better. I am not carefree (as much as I pretend to be) and I got impatient after this project and bought a pair of 4 matching red parson style seats.

This is the chair in its original state.

But this stool is still worth an entry.

My cool vintage table cloth with the perfectly placed design.

So this chair was 5 bucks at my favorite thrift store. It had an ugly, dirty cushion, but I am good at seeing past that shit! I brought my find home and grabbed this cool vintage table cloth I bought a few years back. I took the cushion off by unscrewing the screws that held it together. I draped the table cloth over, making sure to center it properly. Then I cut the excess fabric, tucked the ends in and screwed it back up.

This stool is now the favorite among my cats.

Bootsie and Ralph arguing over who gets to sit on the fab, recovered stool.


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