I’ve been framed: Part 1

How cute is this DIY framed print? I love it!

This entry is first in a topic that I will continue to visit. I have a problem with bare walls. I have a lot of posters, I take a lot of pictures and I am consumed with trying to display them all. Custom framing is waaayyy tooooo expensive, even if you have a 95% off coupon for Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  Who can afford to spend upwards of a hundred bucks to frame anything? Not me! So,  on goes my resourcefulness cap while I explore alternative framing options.

My favorite option is to scour thrift stores and resale shops for frames. Whenever I find a nice looking one, I pick it up for later. Don’t spend more than a buck or two on a 5×7 frame. You can find it for retail at that price. Likewise, don’t spend more than $5 to $10 on anything bigger than an 11×17. Unless you really, really love it and it is the most magical frame in the land. Then go ahead, it will still be cheaper than a custom job.

This was such a thrifty find! I knew I could paint it and replace the picture with my awesome print.

When I pick a frame, I am not so concerned with the color because I know I can paint it the color I need. I am focused on finding a unique look and excellent quality.

My best gal pal, Gabby bought me the cutest housewarming print. I was desperate to g get it on my wall. I ran up to my favorite shop and found the perfect $2.50 solution. It didn’t matter that the frame had a picture of a bear in the wild. It was the perfect size and included a matte.

In my cart it went. I came home and took it apart, then spray painted the frame navy blue. When it was dry after two coats, I replaced the bear with my print. And on my wall it lives.


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