The best little bird house in Wheaton

Super easy bird feeder!

My latest ding ding project was to capatilize on the big beautiful birch tree in my front yard and make a bird house. But not just any bird house, the most popular bird house on the block. The cats can watch the birds and the birds can  chow down, it is a win win.

This is the bottom of a two-liter bottle. It looks kind of pretty against my blue couch.

So it might not be an actual house,  really  more like a feeder. And it was super easy to make, once I did the steps in the correct order.  First get a bowl shaped object. I used the bottom of a two-liter bottle. then poke holes in the sides to hang the string.

I attached the perch using Gorilla Glue.

Then fashion a perch on the bottom. You could really use anything- a chopstick, a popsicle stick, a furniture shim. I used part of a plastic poster frame. I glued it on with my favorite, Gorilla Glue.

Follow-up with a nice coating of spray paint in your favorite color. I did white because I wanted something creamy and pretty to look at. And because that was the can in Mrs.’s stash that was most full.

After I spray painted and let dry, I threaded yarn through the holes, hung it on the tree and filled it with birdseed. It hasn’t seen much action yet, but I am confident, that since I built it, they will come.

Super easy bird feeder!

This is Bootsie waiting for the birds to come.


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